Support & Help Information

Below you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers. If you still have questions, you may contact us by email at or by phone at 1-888-661-2323.

Are the posted rates applicable at all times?
Yes, they apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I call from outside the U.S.?
YES! Currently you may call anywhere from over 20 countries all at discounted rates.

Are there any additional fees or charges?
No, there are no monthly fees or any other additional charges. The only extra charge you may incur is an FCC mandated surcharge of .65 when beginning the calling process from a payphone while using a toll-free number.

What are the rates?
When using a local access number, all calls in USA 2.9 cents a minute & 3.9 for calls to landlines in Israel, Canada or UK. For other international rates click here.

How do I determine whether an access number from the list is actually local to my area?
Since local calling areas vary widely, to be sure, call your current local provider to verify its status.

How will I be charged when a local access number isn't available?
We provide a toll free access number (1-800.772.5390) for an additional charge of 2 cents a minute. For example, a call in the USA for 2.9 using a local number would be 4.9. A call to Israel for 3.9 would be 5.9 cents a minute.

How will I know how much time is left on my card?
Once you enter your PIN# the prompt will announce your available balance.

How is the call billed?
The call is billed in one-minute increments. Call detail is available when you log in with your user name and password at

If I have any service problems, what can I do?
We offer a few choices:
1. Email:
2. Call us at 1-888-661-2323

Can I cancel my card and get my money back?
As opposed to others, WE GUARANTEE YOUR SATISFACTION. Not because your credit card is overdrawn, but if you are seriously not satisfied, we will credit back the unused portion of your card.

At what point in the call is my card billed?
You are billed upon connection. Once a person or answering machine picks up at the other end your call is considered connected. If there is no answer we do not bill you.

Do I have to keep repurchasing cards?
NO! As a matter of fact, not only do you not need to do this again, but, because of our automated recharge process, this can be the last calling card you ever purchase.

How does the Auto-Recharge Process work?
Twice a day the system will go through and check to see if your balance dropped below your predetermined amount. If so, the system will automatically charge the amount that you selected upon sign up. For example: You purchased $25 and, requested that when the balance drops below $5 there would be an auto-recharge of $10. If the system sees $4.99 or less as the balance, it will add the charge of your pre-selected amount of $10 to the balance.

In this example you would then begin the next day with a new balance of $14.99 or less. If you ever wish to change those parameters you may log in at

Does this card ever expire?

Will I be changing my long distance carrier if I sign up for EZ SHMOOZ?

Is it safe to use my credit card online?
VERY! The server that sends your credit card information from your browser to the credit card company uses 128-bit encryption. We use the same technology as the government and banks all over the world. Millions of these types of transactions take place every day over the Internet.

I forgot my password and/or login information, how can I retrieve it?
Visit the My Account page and click on Forgot My Login or Forgot My password.